Lena and Junior had an amazing wedding day at the Delamar in Southport. The majority of their guests had made the long journey from Brazil in order to be present and surround them with love and support on their big day! Even though I spent a chunk of the day really wishing I spoke Portuguese, it was still obvious that there was a great deal of love and affection in this gathering. Oh, and the way they looked at each other… There were moments where they just seemed to forget the world around them and just disappear into each other’s eyes. From the first time Junior saw his bride walking down the aisle, to the way they just held onto each other at the end of the evening… it was like each had made a home in their heart for the other… a loving, nurturing, sheltering space. I kept thinking of the title of that Brandi Carlile tune, “Wherever is your heart I call home”

So, my wish for Lena and Junior is simply this… May you actively continue your love and pursuit, and may you always find shelter in each other.