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Branford House Wedding for Bethany & Dan

Bethany and Dan just got married! They proclaimed their wedding vows to each other on a beautiful, sunny day, in the company of family and friends at the Branford House at Avery Point. The 19th century mansion made for a beautiful setting with it's elegant aesthetic that reminds you of the famous homes of Newport. Throughout the day were moments of celebration, revere[...]

All is Gift

Recently, I've been thinking about an older couple who would visit a coffee shop I used to work at. For a while, they would come in fairly regularly, about every other week. The gentleman was especially conspicuous to me because of his demeanor; This guy was always beaming and smiling with an almost a childlike excitement as he ordered. Once he got his drink he would [...]

Cultivate a Curious Mind. There's Always More to Learn!

 Your next big revelation might be waiting for you to discover it inside something you think you already know. There's always more to learn! I first encountered Advincula Sensei when he flew to North Carolina from California to promote my martial arts teacher, Eric Latza, to 6th degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate. I got to see him perform a couple of katas and rem[...]

Heritage Hotel Wedding for Becca and Matt

Heritage Hotel Wedding Southbury, Connecticut What a fantastic couple! These two decided to get married at the Heritage Hotel in Southbury, CT. As a photographer, I enjoyed finding the little nooks of light and the wonderfully rustic, textured spaces there at the resort! It was also pretty special watching how Becca and Matt interacted throughout the day. It was a b[...]

Art Is the Expression of Creative Skill and Imagination

Art is... The Oxford Dictionary defines art as, “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination…” Art has the capacity to transcend affiliations of culture and creed. Art speaks and communicates with or without words. I believe that art in it’s truest expression reveals a hint of something divine. There will be an opening at the Grove in New[...]

Summer + David: North Carolina Wedding

Summer and David got all dressed up on Halloween... And got married! The stage was set in the backyard of Summer’s parents’ home in Greensboro, NC. There was buzz of activity as folks scurried and hustled around to finish up the last minute details that transformed a little residential nook into a something more magical. This was a special evening for me too, becau[...]

Lena + Junior : The Delamar Southport

Lena and Junior had an amazing wedding day at the Delamar in Southport. The majority of their guests had made the long journey from Brazil in order to be present and surround them with love and support on their big day! Even though I spent a chunk of the day really wishing I spoke Portuguese, it was still obvious that there was a great deal of love and affection in th[...]

Becky + Tom: Rustic, Connecticut, Wedding

Becky and Tom had their wedding in a bucolic nook of Connecticut that's been a stomping ground for Becky's family for generations. I imagined it as a space with room to roam… hours spent learning about shooting, boating, fishing and four wheeling. The air was sweet with the smell of a light summer rain and the surrounding woods. Friends and family were scurrying aroun[...]

Messy Things

The notion of helping somebody else or defending others who can't defend themselves is one that I have always been able to readily align myself with. However, I was once challenged that the the fight for one's own heart is the real fight of their life. The older I get, the more weight that sentiment seems to carry. Perhaps I’m beginning to realize that the better I be[...]