Becky and Tom had their wedding in a bucolic nook of Connecticut that’s been a stomping ground for Becky’s family for generations. I imagined it as a space with room to roam… hours spent learning about shooting, boating, fishing and four wheeling. The air was sweet with the smell of a light summer rain and the surrounding woods. Friends and family were scurrying around making preparations in rustic cabins surrounding a quiet little lake. Rough-hewn walls filled with knick knacks, old books, fishing poles… and one enormous pitch fork. It was all at once comfortable, familiar, unpretentious, and beautiful. 

A day of shifting schedules and unexpected weather didn’t seem to really hinder anything as family and friends gathered to support Becky and Tom on their big day. There’s probably a life lesson or two in that alone. The day really felt like everybody kept the emphasis on these two embarking on a life-journey together as they were surrounded by folks that loved and cared for them both. People ate, drank, laughed, danced, hugged, …and danced some more. It was a great day spent with fantastic people. Looking forward to seeing good things for Becky and Tom in the future.